Drift Off - Bedtime Stories

The Moon Maiden: An Old Japanese Folktale

September 07, 2021 Joanne D'Amico Episode 22
Drift Off - Bedtime Stories
The Moon Maiden: An Old Japanese Folktale
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Welcome to this very special relaxation bedtime story. Tonight we start with a short guided body relaxation to help you release stress and tension (NOTE: You can skip over the guided relaxation if that's not your thing by navigating the chapters in the episode show notes). Then we will journey together into the world of imagination as I narrate an old Japanese Tale called the Moon Maiden. This is a modified version that includes a mish mash of a variety of versions I found online as well as my own little creative version that I also added to it! I really do hope you like it!  There will be soft restful sleep music playing in the background to help you fall deeper into a sound sleep.  The soft music will continue to play for a little while as the story comes to an end and then it too will gently fade away.

And so, lights out, lie back and let's get sleepy together!
Sweet dreamzzz...
Joanne ❤
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