Drift Off - Bedtime Stories

The One Handed Girl: A Swahili Fairytale

June 29, 2021 Joanne D'Amico Episode 18
Drift Off - Bedtime Stories
The One Handed Girl: A Swahili Fairytale
Show Notes

Tonight's episode is an ancient Swahili Fairytale called The One-Handed-Girl. This tale originated in South Eastern African and was later collected in 1910 by Andrew Lang in his Lilac Fairy Book. This story is about a courageous  young woman who faces many challenges because of her turbulent relationship with her brother. She overcomes her struggles with courage, creativity and kindness.  Please note that the story mentions slaves, as servitude and slavery were common in South Eastern Africa in ancient times.

PARENTS: Because this story has violent imagery, I feel it is not suitable for young children. My advice is to listen to the story first to decide whether you should allow your child to listen. 

[TW: violent imagery, family violence, violence against women]

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