Drift Off - Bedtime Stories for Sleep

The Sea Fairies

March 01, 2021 Joanne D'Amico Episode 7
Drift Off - Bedtime Stories for Sleep
The Sea Fairies
Show Notes

Having trouble falling asleep?  Be lulled to deep sleep as you listen to this enchanted bedtime story by L. Frank Baum called "The Sea Fairies". This is a modified excerpt of a lovely whimsical story where we will join Trot and her friend Cap’n Bill as they explore the magical world of mermaids.  But before we begin our journey, be sure to subscribe to our podcast. You can also help spread sleepy vibes by leaving a review or a rating on Apple podcast which helps us grow. Your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

And so, it’s time to tuck away those thoughts in your head...and to get comfy all and cozy in your bed...let go of the day as it comes to an end...embrace the quiet and the stillness...sweet dreams my friend.

Note: The background wave sounds are only for the first 4 minutes into the story :)

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