Drift Off - Bedtime Stories for Sleep

The Story of the Yara

February 22, 2021 Joanne D'Amico Episode 6
Drift Off - Bedtime Stories for Sleep
The Story of the Yara
Show Notes

Content Warning: Story contains elements of a weapon & firing of a pistol. Parents please listen to the whole story first before deciding whether this story is appropriate for your young listener.

Can't sleep? Let's get sleepy together with a calming bedtime story that will help quiet and soothe your mind. Tonight’s episode is originally a Brazilian tale that I believe was later collected by Andrew Lang called The Story of the Yara.  This enticing romantic tale is of a young lover called Alonzo who struggles to heed to the warnings of his dear love Julia who begs him to stay away from the forest where she believes he's encountered the Yara, The Yara is a Brazilian water spirit who lures young men with her singing. Will love conquer all? You'll have to listen to the whole story to find out :) Please note that there are a couple of modified sentences at the end of the story to help tie up loose ends :) I hope you enjoy this tale! I found it quite intriguing when I first discovered it and I hope you like it too! So get comfy and snuggle up tight and sweet dreamzzz...

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