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Graciosa and Percinet (Premium Episode Preview)

April 20, 2023 Joanne D'Amico
Drift Off
Graciosa and Percinet (Premium Episode Preview)
Show Notes

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Tonight’s story is called Graciosa and Percinett, a French fairytale by Madam D’Aulnoy. This story is about a young prince by the name of Percinet who falls in love with Graciosa and shows her true love.

Music in episode is called 'Soothing Piano' via Pond5

I must admit that sometimes while narrating this story, I found the 'helplessness' of the heroin and her father's lack of judgement a bit tiresome! It definitely reminds me of how far we've come as a modern society, even though we still have ways to go. So I hope you can put this aside and just enjoy the narration and the soft music to help you relax and drift off ;)

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